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Welcome to the Gina Stoj Management Talent Submission


Gina Stoj Management is unable to take on any new talent without a taped audition.
ALL new talent looking to submit to Gina Stoj Management are required to do ALL of the following:

1. Download the 'Monologue Sides' pdf file by CLICKING HERE.

2. From this 'Monologue Sides' file, please select an age & gender appropriate monologue for your audition piece.

3. Upload your taped audition from the 'Monologue Sides' pdf file on a private link either via YouTube or Vimeo.

4. Then, email me your Headshot (JPG files only, 500Kb Max File Size, Min Res of 800 x 600px), Resume (PDF files no larger than 500kb) AND the online working link of your taped audition to GSM Talent Submissions.


Please Note: Your submission will not be considered if you have not met these requirements listed above. We will contact talent at our discretion for consideration to Gina Stoj Management.

We appreciate your time & thank you in advance for putting together your submissions to Gina Stoj Management.

A special thank you to Retta Putignano for supplying the monologues for use on the GSM site.

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